Separation and mixing technology and associated services We offer separation and mixing technology, process solutions, and field services for the oil and gas, hydrocarbon, and chemical processing industry. Our advanced and economical solutions set standards in the field of mass transfer and static mixing. Website:

We develop, design and produce mass transfer equipment and can offer solutions for all your separation problems. Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art products for distillation, absorption, stripping, evaporation, phase separation, liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization, and membrane separation. Our market focus is on: - High-performing tower internals and separators - Process engineering and skid solutions - Service for towers and static equipment - Mixing and dispensing systems for the adhesives and dental markets - Precise application systems for liquid color - cosmetics and beauty accessories - One- and two-component application systems for healthcare markets A Broad Range of Innovative and High-performing Products Our more than 200 products cover a wide range of needs in the field of separation and mixing technology. They have proven their performance in more than 100,000 columns, 40,000 gas/liquid separators and 100,000 mixers in operation worldwide.

Column internals Optimizing performance of columns Decades of experience in design and construction, combined with continuous developments in separation technology, enable us to offer you optimum internals. Tailor-made gas and liquid distribution, transition sections, inlet and flashing devices guarantee optimum column performance. Conventional trays Whatever your requirements, we have the right tray. Thanks to our global expertise and wide array of conventional and high performance tray technologies, we can provide you with an optimum solution. Graphic of a conventional sieve tray The available trays range from conventional to high performance, and the latest developments of ultra-system limit trays. Within the family of conventional trays, we offer: Sulzer proprietary SVG™ (fixed) and BDH™ (floating) valves Round and caged floating valves Slit Trays™ Sieve, bubble cap, cartridge, dual flow, and other trays

Structured packings Structured packing is one of our core abilities. Over 50 years of experience in development, design, and production of this type of packing makes us your best partner to find the optimum solution for your application.

Random packings Random packing has been used for fractionation, absorption and stripping operations in gas, refinery and chemical plants for many years and the benefits are well established. Furthermore, ease of replacement and storage make random packing the ideal choice for systems with heavy fouling or corrosion where packing is frequently replaced. Separators We offer a wide range of different types of mist eliminators for the separation of entrained liquid. When choosing the appropriate equipment, droplet capture mechanism is the key for successful mist elimination. Water drops on a fabric as symbol for separation of entrained liquid Sulzer mist eliminators provide an effective solution to liquid entrainment problems in many types of equipment including: Scrubbing, absorption, stripping, or distillation columns Evaporators Falling film condensers Knock-out vessels 3-phase separators Desalination plants Refrigeration plants Gas dehydration plants Compression systems